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When you are out there looking for sunscreen products you will never fall short of choices. There are a variety of sunscreen or sun block products in the drug stores as well as shopping malls. However, you need to be careful only to buy products that have been certified and those that are safe for you to use. Sun screens are essential and very important to our lives. There are a number of benefits of using sunscreens that we are going to look at below. However, before we even go to the benefits of using sunscreen it is essential to know what they are, when to use them and who should be using them.

What are sunscreen products?

Sunscreen or sun block products as they are commonly referred to are simply a combination of ingredients that help protect your skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Most of these products are mainly in form of cream such as Sport Screen. The UV radiation is normally in two forms: UVA and UVB. UVB is more lethal than UVA as it the one responsible for sun burns that are visible on the skin and may cause skin cancer. UVA on the other hand accelerates aging and sagging of the skin as well as accelerating the effects of UVB. Thus it is important to use sun block products in order to protect your skin.

Most sun screen products have what we call SPF or the Sun Protection Factor. Any sunscreen product such as Sport Screen that has SPF will do a very good job in protecting you from sun burns and the effects of UVB rays. SPF is the ability to prevent the UV rays from affecting you by more than 90%. Normally it would take about twenty minutes for your skin to start turning red when exposed to direct sunlight. However, when you have applied sun screen products such as Sport Screen, these effects would be delayed for up to five hours. During this time you will be protected and safe from UVB rays as well as UVA rays.

Benefits of Sunscreen

There are many and very important benefits of sunscreens. It is important to understand that anyone above the age of six months can use sunscreen products. It is also essential for everyone to use sunscreen products even if you are in doors because definitely you will be exposed to brief moments of sun rays. Furthermore, sunscreen products should be applied thirty minutes before you are exposed to the sun and it is good to reapply them after every two hours. This way, you will be able to enjoy such benefits:

  • Protection from skin damage
  • Reduce the risk of skin cancer that is caused by UVB and accelerated by UVA
  • Reduce the rate at which your skin is aging or protect your skin from premature aging
  • Protect your skin from reddening or sun burns
  • Maintain smooth and shiny skin that will also boost your self confidence