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Sport Screen is a sun screen product that has been approved by CANSA South Africa. CANSA certification or approval is very important and critical and in order to understand the importance of this approval, it is important to understand what CANSA is, and its role in the industry.

What is CANSA?

Imagine a world without Cancer… is with such thought that CANSA South Africa was formed. CANSA simply stands for Cancer Association of South Africa. The sole purpose of this group or organization is to lead the fight against cancer to the people of South Africa. This organization does this by offering unique services and information to the public and supporting all those who have been affected by cancer. Cancer is a killer disease and thus someone had to take up initiative and look at ways to cub this very big problem. CANSA took up the initiative and it is a non-profit organization that is aiming at supporting victims as well as spearheads the fight against cancer.

Services Offered by CANSA

As the leading organization in the fight against cancer, there is much that is expected from this organization. There is quite a lot that this group does apart from just offering help to those who have been affected by cancer. One of the key roles that this organization plays is research. With a budget of over six million rand annually set aside on research alone, CANSA aims at finding more knowledge about this killer disease so as to realign our health programmes to the benefit of the public.

Another role that CANSA plays is the screening and control of cancer. This organization has eleven homes in South Africa which provide care to those who have been seriously affected by cancer. There are regular cancer screening programmes that are carried out by CANSA just in order to sensitive and educate the public on the causes and effects of cancer

The Watchdog Role

CANSA is the eyes and ears of the people when it comes to issues dealing and relating with cancer. There is a very high number of people in South Africa who are affected by cancer on annual basis and there is a lot that needs to be done in order to cub the situation. CANSA has the mandate and the role to push for adequate legislation and health care programmes in order to protect the citizens of South Africa from the effects of cancer. This organization has the mandate to deny certification or approve any products that may put the people of South Africa at a risk of cancer. Quite a number of people have been having worries whether sun screen products have effects such as causing melanoma to users. Thus in order to be absolutely sure that you are using safe products, it is better to use CANSA approved products such as Sport Screen because you can be sure that these products are safe and you stand no risk of getting melanoma or any other health problems.