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There has been raging debate whether sunscreen products are safe for human use or not. Most of the people who believe that these products are unsafe argue that the sunscreen products pose a bigger threat to skin cancer than they actually prevent. However, it is important to note that, up to date, there is no published research that has actually proved beyond any doubt that sunscreen products are dangerous to human health. On the contrary, research shows that sunscreens do reduce the risk getting skin cancer.

What about the Ingredients that are associated with melanoma?

There are some sunscreen products that are manufactured by ingredients that tend to cause skin cancer. However, it is the responsibility of every government to make sure that they regulate the sunscreen products. There are some products that may be available in the market but are not certified by the relevant authorities. It is also up to the consumers to take a close look and keen interest on the products that they are buying in order to protect themselves from harmful products.

There are certain basic qualifications that sun block products should at least meet in order to be safe. A good example is CANSA certification. Products such as Sport Screen that have been CANSA approved are very safe for human use as they have been tested and approved to be safe for use to protect your skin. CANSA is the main body that overlooks monitors and offers support to cancer victims in South Africa. Thus CANSA approval means that the products do not pose any risk of melanoma.

There are several basic ingredients that have been approved and safe to use in sun screen products. One of these ingredients is Oxybenzone. This ingredient has been approved to be used in sunscreen products as it protects your skin from harmful effects of UVB and UVA. Some of the harmful UVA and UVB effects are such like sun burns, skin ageing and skin cancer. However, this ingredient is safe and you will be protected from such problems when using it.

The other key ingredient is Retinyl palmitate. This is a very important ingredient in the making of sun screen products as it is the one responsible for protecting our skin from premature aging. Study has shown that one of the effects of UVA is that it accelerates the ageing process of our skin making the skin get older at a very fast rate hence wrinkles and sagging. However, with this ingredient, this threat is no longer there and you will have healthy shiny skin.

Generally, it is safe to use sunscreen products as there are no major side effects that they cause. Sunscreen products are very good for your skin as they protect you from very many dangers that you risk exposing your skin to once you go out to the sun. It is therefore important to differentiate the truth from the myths and use these products to stay safe.


Skin Cancer or Melanoma as it is sometimes referred to is a cancer condition that affects the skin. A good number of people who suffer from cancer suffer from a type called melanoma and it is quite evident that this is a major skin condition that needs to be taken care of. There are quite a number of causes of skin cancer with the most common one being harmful UV rays from the sun. Thus, most people are advised to use sunscreen products in order to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.

The harmful UV rays are normally in two forms: UVA and UVB. It is these rays that cause skin burns as well as other effects such as photo aging which is a condition where the rays accelerate the rate at which your skin gets old and hence causing wrinkles and sagging of the skin. It is actually the UVB rays that pose the biggest threat of causing skin cancer while UVA accelerates this process. Nonetheless, sun block products such as Sport Screen are capable of neutralising these effects by protecting you from these harmful rays. Thus it is always advisable to apply sunscreen at least thirty minutes before you are exposed to direct sunshine as one of the ways to prevent skin cancer. Other ways of preventing skin cancer include:

  • Protect your eyes

UV rays from the sun pose a serious threat to your eyes. These rays accelerate the possibility of developing a cataract layer in your eyes or causing skin cancer on your eyelids. It is thus very important to always protect your eyes from direct sunlight either by wearing sunglasses which are very effective since they protect you 100% or wearing a cap that completely covers your head and offers shadow to your eye lids.

  • Reduce the time you are exposed to the sun

By reducing exposure time to the sun you will be able to reduce the risk of getting skin cancer. This is especially so between 11am and 4pm when the sun is strongest and the UV rays are very strong. Make sure that you are only exposed to the sun when necessary and not for prolonged periods as this would be increasing the risk of melanoma.

  • Avoid places that reflect the sun’s rays

Always keep in mind that reflecting surfaces such as water and snow still pose a risk to your skin. These reflections still contain the harmful UV rays and hence exposing yourself to the reflected rays would be increasing the risk of getting melanoma.

  • Provide Shade to Your Skin

Always make sure that your skin is kept under a shade as much as possible. You can seek shade from under a tree or use an umbrella. You can also use a hat that is wide and that offers shade to your skin so as to protect your skin from any harmful rays from the sun. Wear clothes that cover a good percentage or most of your skin. This way you will be safe from skin cancer.