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About Us

Sport Screen is the best sunblock that you can ever get. Don’t expose your face and skin to harmful UV rays from the sun while you can get the best sun block here. Sport screen is professionally made, meeting all health and safety standards so as to be able protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun without any side effects such as itching or skin irritation at all. This product is very safe to use and you can be rest assured that your face skin will be protected in the best way possible.

Why Use Sun Screen?

There are a variety of sunscreen products that claim to help in protecting you from the UV rays but none of them is as good and effective as Sport Screen. First of all this product has been manufactured from the latest tech ingredients so as to achieve maximum efficiency as well as meet all the required safety standards. One thing that you can always be sure of is that you will have the best sun protection while using Sport Screen. This is simply the sunblock for you and your active lifestyle

The Health Question

Sport Screen is CANSA approved. CANSA is a South African Organization for the monitoring and treatment of skin cancer. It is this organization that overlooks and asses all products that are manufactured and do not meet the required safety standards. Sports screen is proud to say that we have met and exceeded all the relevant safety standards put forward by CANSA and our Sports screen is simply the best sunscreen available.

There are some sun screen products that put you at a risk especially those that are not approved by CANSA. Thus you should only use products that are approved by CANSA such as Sport Screen since they have been tested. It is better to stay safe with the best sunscreen and use Sport Screen to protect yourself.

Our Products

Our products are available in all leading retail shops and sport stores. Our sunscreen is simply the best way to protect your skin while outdoors. Make sure you buy one today and protect your skin and body from harmful UV rays from the sun.